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DARWIN DAY: An international celebration of science and humanity. A project of the Darwin Day Program. An event worthy of all our efforts.

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This site is a member of WebRing.
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Visit the Rick Ross site: This web site was created to offer the public a resource of information concerning controversial and/or potentially unsafe groups-- as well as some groups that have been called "cults". Here you will find an archive that contains thousands of documents, which includes news stories, related articles, reports, letters, court records, book excerpts and personal testimonies.

Objective Morality Based on Scientific and Rational Reasoning

Tenebrae Ideas about religion and events in today's society through the eyes of a teen-ager.

T. Rex's Guide to Life "Writings and discussion about various topics from a thoughtful and skeptical viewpoint."

Liberation! Dedicated to promoting religious tolerance in the true sense of the word by challenging the dangerous mindset of religious fundamentalism.

Random- Previous- Next- List- Join Parodies on traditional Christian hymns, links for ex-christians, recovery from mind control, more webrings, and some pages of the creator's own miscellaneous poetry

Digital Parchment by Shawn M.M. Pence, "A collection of my creative works and thoughts ranging from digital art to discussion on atheism and mythology."

Julia & Mikes Journey Out of Darkness As a former Baptist (Mike) and Catholic (Julia), we discuss our deconversion, our anger at having been misled and what we have learned. We are concerned with helping others in similar situations.

Debunking Creation Science with Creation Science Debunks creation science by exposing contradictory statements made by creationist organizations.

Did Jesus of Nazareth actually live? Earl Doherty says "no" in his new book, THE JESUS PUZZLE. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Acharya S also examines the evidence exploring whether Jesus Christ ever existed as a living person. Visit THE ORIGINS OF CHRISTIANITY AND THE QUEST FOR THE HISTORICAL JESUS CHRIST.

Questions about Humanism, Humanist weddings, groups, etc. visit here.

Mario Di Maggio The personal website of a freethinking human being - full of real experiences and personal thoughts.

Rage Against Religion Atheism, atheist, humanism, humanist, agnosticism, agnostic, humor, politics, cartoons, essays.

Dave LF's Homepage tells the story of a young man's struggles to examine his religion of birth, Christianity, and his successful efforts in working through it.

Alaska Images Web site tells a story of a young man's struggle with forced prayer at public high school football games. A court case resulted from that struggle and went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a lower courts ruling.

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Tangents, a web site for those who value the human mind as a tool, respect it as a weapon, and delight in it as a toy.

Desert Hawk's World of Freethought explores the many and diverse aspects of freethinking.

Alabama Atheist The place to go to find out about Atheism in Alabama.
Blair Scott, Creator

Visit Cliff Havener's page.
He is author of MEANING - The Secret of Being Alive.
Well worth a visit.

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Personal Web Pages

Sites of Substance Award

Reasoned Spirituality: A site aimed toward "[T]eaching...a form of spirituality that eliminates the need for a god formed in human image; that does not require angels, devils, or other mythical entities. There is none of the ancient cultural influence, such as sexism, elitism, or racism. The teachings are based upon reason.."

Bio Science:Products and ideas based on Dr. Robert Erdmann's Metabolic Analysis and Therapy Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, England.

The Writings of Howard Richards. Aimed toward improving the quality of human life by understanding what is basic and true.

Visit Mac Tonnies and TRANSHUMANISM, a blanket term given to the school of thought that refuses to accept traditional human limitations such as death, disease, and other biological frailities.

"Some of Einstein's Writings on Science and Religion" Provided by Professor Arnold V. Lesikar. Great webpage. Highly recommended.

The Meaning of Life: Progressive Humanism
....A New Approach to the Humanist Philosophy
Carl Coon

Humanist Society of South Australia

Includes the pamphlet "200 Years from Poverty to Decency"

Dr. James Prescott demonstrates the inverse relationship between physical touch and violence.

Importance of Physical Touch

A very good introduction to the scientific method, and related ideas.

Steven Schafersman

Working to establish an Agnostic Church on the internet.

Bill Schultz

An interesting collection of freethought ideas and materials.

Sacramento Freethought

A.H.A. Chapter Assembly

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